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Have you ever wondered how skateboarding started? Well I’ll tell you?  Hello Mrs. Bennett and fellow classmates. Today I will be telling you about the history of skateboarding. You will also find out about how skateboards have changed over the years.  I will also share my history with skateboarding

     Skateboarding  began when the waves were flat and surfers were looking for something to do. A group of surfers designed and developed the skateboard, which had no turning capabilities and the wheels were made of clay. This design was very unsafe and dangerous because the wheels would skid and you couldn’t turn, which led people to stop using them. While they were unpopular, the toy and surf shops discovered them.

     Giving them a new design and adding wheels from rollerskates. Because, of this skateboarding became more popular. Around a year later there was the first skateboarding contest in Hermosa Beach California. Right after, Larry Stevenson invented the kick tail and skateboarding was made easier and even more popular. Then something changed everything when Frank Nasworthy made wheels that were made of urethane, and he made turning designs.

     They officially started the first skate park then later the american brought skateboarding into Germany the skate boards improved with the tail and the nose. They got wider then  Alan Gelfand invented the ollie which is the greatest skateboard trick ever invented! It is basically jump in the air with your skateboard comes up with you then Rodney Mullen made a bunch of tricks based off the ollie such as a kickflip

        My experience with skateboarding started at age 7 when I started to see skateboarders around the city, making me want to try it myself. So when me Ezi(Ezra my brother), my mom, my dad and I went to Canadian Tire to buy a skateboard I was very excited. My first time skateboarding was super fun, it came to me naturally.  I was really good at it and most of all I wasn’t afraid. Over time my turning got better and I figured out how to flick my skateboard in the air. Today it’s a fun activity I like to do outside, but in the future I would like to learn some more tricks.  

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  1. Great post!

    First question…why Blue Lightening as your avatar? What’s the reference or the story?

    Second question…why the bear as your background?

    Welcome to the blogosphere! This was a great post about skateboarding and I’m glad it comes so easily to you. I grew up in California and had a lot skateboarder friends…me on the other hand? Not so much! I was lucky if I could get down my driveway without falling…


    Have you had opportunity to learn any new tricks since you’ve had so much time at home?

    Keep on blogging!


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