The Caveman

The caveman


One time there was a caveman who liked to swing around on vines in the trees. But one day he started to get hungry. He swung through the vines jumping from tree to tree. When he grabbed the last vine it started to rip and he fell for a long time. He was worried he would hit the ground! Then an eagle swooped through the air and caught him! He was holding the caveman for a long time as the eagle flew and they started to near a cave. The caveman was confused the eagle landed slowly. The eagle pushed him into the deep dark cave. The caveman started a fire and the eagle was gone.

A few hours later the eagle came with some meat. The eagle pushed the meat towards the caveman ate it and the cavemen lived there and every day the eagle would bring food and the caveman ate it. Over time the eagle became friends with the eagle and the caveman would ride the eagle. And they lived happily ever after.


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