Harris Burdick The Mystery Rug!

Mr. Snozwaggle was known all over the world for inventing his cereal Mr. Surprise that tastes like anything you wanted it to. Nine googolplex jumbo boxes of his cereal were sold every millisecond, which made Mr Snozwaggle very rich indeed.  He lived in the world’s biggest house, far bigger than you could ever imagine. Despite all his fame and riches,  Mr. Snozwaggle was missing one thing in life – a friend.  One day he decided to get a dog, and because he lived alone, there was no one to object to his sudden big decision.

 Mr. Snozwaggle left his house and slowly walked to the pound. He walked in and saw the cutest face he had ever seen.  He looked into the dog’s eyes and knew straight away that this was the one for him.  He got a cute little labradoodle. He skipped joyfully along the street with his new fluffball in his arms.  As he settled in for the night and fed his new dog, he said,  “Welcome to your new home, little doggy”.  Suddenly Mr. Snozwaggle realized he needed to name this cute fluff ball!!  With the only noise being the dog’s gentle snoring, he thought and thought,

“Snozwaggle junior? NO…. …Darryl. NO….. Onion …. Oh no…” and on his thoughts went.  He decided he would wait and name it when he knew the dog better. Suddenly, he noticed something sort of strange out the corner of his eye… something bulging from under the rug!!! 


  The next day Mr. Snozwaggle could barely contain his excitement as he teleported in his supersonic high tech elevator down to the dog’s room.  When he went in to wake the dog, he saw it again…  There was something under the rug! He went to go get his new dog for a walk but then at dinner HE SAW IT AGAIN!!!!!


He calmed down and called pest control. A few days later they came to his house, 

“Mr. Snozwaggle” They said 

“Yes?” he replied

 “We can’t find anything under your rug” 

“Dangleydoodley!”  he said and pest control left. 

He kept taking care of the dog but he couldn’t train it because he didn’t have a name for it. It wasn’t for two weeks until he said,


He threw the carpet away but there was nothing there!!!!!!! 

“Wait what????” He said h-h-ho-ho-how but it was right there? “PUPPY? PUPPY COMERE”,

but then realized that the dog wasn’t trained. He still didn’t have a name for it. Mr. Snozwaggle went back to work and had to get a dog sitter.

When he got to work he realized that he had called out a lazy worker and he thought that meant he was in charge! The workplace was in utter chaos. Everybody was running around and there were birds flying everywhere so he went to his 100 year old microphone and yelled,


They stopped what they were doing and looked up at him. Some even tried to hide, showing that they weren’t affiliates to the mischief-makers but Mr. Snozwaggle sensed them like a hawk. They crashed out of the music room and the drums made a bad um shhhhhh poor people everyone laughed at them. Mr. Snozwaggle decided it would be better if he just closed the place for the day. So he walked home and as he walked home it started to rain,

“aw crud” he said

and went to go buy an umbrella as he walked home into the rain he made his way back up to his house Mr. Snozwaggle focused on every detail of the tiny rocks that made up his driveway. The expensive door he remembered getting but something caught his eye more than rocks or the door!


He knew he would get it this time he aggressively swept the rug up and what did he find? He found his doggy,

“so thaaaats what it is” he said.

After lunch he decided to name the doggy Ruggie. The next morning they went on a walk together and walked into the sunny street.

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