Middle School Retreat

Write a short summary about what the Middle School Retreat is.The middle school retreat is when all of the middle schools went to do activities.

  1. What did you like most about the retreat? Why?

What I liked most about the retreat was the activities.

What did you like least about the retreat? Why?What I liked least about the retreat all the time before the bus.

What was the funniest moment for you during the retreat? The funniest moment about the retreat was when the other boat wanted Mr. Washes head

  1. What was the most stressful moment for you during the retreat? Why?

The most stressful moment was when I had to wear the wet suit

What are your feelings about the theme for this year’s retreat of (Re)building Community? What I thought about the theme about the retreat was pretty good.

What role will you play as a Middle School student this year to be a leader in building community throughout the rest of the school?

I think I don’t really play that big of a role as a middle school student.

What would you change or add to the retreat if you were planning it? What I would like to change about the retreat was all the time before the first bus

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