Reflection For Innovation Day

Hello, this is my innovation day reflection on innovation day. We had to make a project  for electricity.  In the project,  we learned the skills of how to do the scientific method which is how to do an experiment.

We had to make a presentation with a partner (I will not say name because this is posted). It surprised me when we learned about circuits because they are very confusing. The thing that I think made our project special was our game. It had a story behind it instead of a random game. Our project is that my dog (Orly) is trying to find her ball, but you have it. Orly doesn’t know this. Another problem is that an evil cat (El Catto) is after it.  Because of this,  Orly has dug many holes and is in one of them. El Catto is also in one of them. You have 6 tries split between a team and will try to pick the hole with Orly in it.  The light bulb will go bright if you do, but there are also two ways to lose.  First, you run out of turns or pick the hole that the evil cat, El Catto, is in.  It will buzz and you will automatically lose. No matter where you are in your turns, you switch the hole that Orly and El Catto are in  (or don’t to trick them) and play again.

I feel like what we could have done better  was to be a little bit more organized. This was a fun experience that I enjoyed doing because I liked working with a friend. I liked innovation day.

This is my video:

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