Language Arts


    The periodic table is a table of elements.  Watch here a video on matter Matter makes everything. Everything is made up of matter.   The 3 states of matter are: Gas  Liquid  solid An example of this is…   Gasoline is a liquid gas is a gas. Sand is a solid  chemical vs… Read more Matter

Public Speaking

Have you ever wondered how skateboarding started? Well I’ll tell you?  Hello Mrs. Bennett and fellow classmates. Today I will be telling you about the history of skateboarding. You will also find out about how skateboards have changed over the years.  I will also share my history with skateboarding.       Skateboarding  began when the… Read more Public Speaking


Words for peace ✌️  Kindness  Caring Helping Sharing  No war Respect  Harmony  Peace ☮️   Joy People be nice Eventually stop war And care for each other Can have equality