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Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog about Renewable energy source Solar.

First, let me share what I have discovered about the renewable energy source Solar. First I have discover about solar batteries more about that down

Second that the reason we don’t just have solar energy is that its really expensive.

Last solar energy can work during storms. 

The project I and copyninja8 have worked on is how solar panels work. The problem we are trying to solve is how to make parks without power have renewable sources of energy such as solar. We are adding energy to our park because without solar energy the world would be ruined. In our project, we will be using scratch because we can’t build a real park.

How solar energy works: first there are electrons in the sun that we can’t use for everyday stuff so the solar panel converts the electricity into electrons we can use and it also has a thing called a solar battery that stores energy from the daytime and keeps it for the night and storms. What we made on scratch was I made a solar-powered roller coaster bluelinighing  made a solar-powered roller coaster. here is a link to copyninja8 >here

copyninja8’s project


Video here


And what a solar panel looks like:

And my project:

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