My Genius Hour

My genius hour was <del>making a cartoon.</del> No, the website started shutting down my computer and did not work, <em>SOOOO</em> I went on Scratch and started making a video game where you are a cat and you are flying. You can lunge back and forward. Scratch is a website with no ads. It’s free to make an account and on Scratch you use coding blocks to code a game. So, for genius hour, I will be making a video game.

My genius hour is: I am making a game on Scratch. I needed to learn how to code. I collaborated with my friend and we help each other on Google hangout. I started making a video game where you are a bowtie and you are flying. You are trying to catch banana and you get points for catching it. If you hit the evil fish you will start losing points. So, for Genius Hour, I will be making a video game.

Here is a little screenshot of my game:


One thought on “My Genius Hour

  1. I am excited for your Genius Hour project! Coding is becoming a more important skill these days – one we do spend time on at OJCS – and Scratch is a great way to get started. I can’t tell – I think that your first paragraph is intended to be making a joke about your computer not working, but you may wish to do a little more editing so that it is completely clear. Including pictures makes your posts more enjoyable, so keep up the habit! And since you are getting so good at blogging…you should start making a habit of categorizing all your posts…I would assume this one would be “Science”.

    Keep up the great work! Make sure to share a link to your game once you’ve finished it!


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