The periodic table is a table of elements.  Watch here a video on matter Matter makes everything. Everything is made up of matter.   The 3 states of matter are: Gas  Liquid  solid An example of this is…   Gasoline is a liquid gas is a gas. Sand is a solid  chemical vs… Read more Matter


In French class we’ve been learning about French verb avoir, aimme, faire and aller. Recently we’ve had a lot of quizzes and we have to study for a while. Then we come in one class and we have the quiz. I study with songs to remember the verbs. That is what we’ve been doing recently.when… Read more French

Public Speaking

Have you ever wondered how skateboarding started? Well I’ll tell you?  Hello Mrs. Bennett and fellow classmates. Today I will be telling you about the history of skateboarding. You will also find out about how skateboards have changed over the years.  I will also share my history with skateboarding.       Skateboarding  began when the… Read more Public Speaking